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Working with all types of businesses; from sole traders to large corporations, we believe the same level of service should apply.
Business Continuity Planning

Business Continuity Planning

Business Continuity Planning (BCP) is the process of anticipating potential events or disasters and planning to ensure that your business can return to "business as usual" as quickly and as painlessly as possible in the event of a disruption. No business, even a sole trader, is too small for BCP. A disaster can strike any organisation and potentially bring the business to a grinding halt, and flood, fire, power failure, IT system failure, staff illness etc. can happen at any time. HM Government estimates that around half of all businesses experiencing a disaster with no effective plans for recovery, fail within the following 12 months. Having an effective Business
Continuity Plan can also be an important part of the process of tendering for work (particularly if tendering for work in the public sector). It can also help businesses get the most competitive insurance premiums as insurers are increasingly recognising the benefit of BCP and other forms of risk management and will offer premiums that reflect suitably protected businesses. We can help create an in-depth effective Business Continuity Plan and even combine it with a Cyber Risk assessment and Data Protection assessment to ensure you are fully covered regardless of what may happen.
IT Disaster Recovery Planning

IT Disaster Recovery Planning

Almost all organisations are heavily dependent on their IT facilities in order to maintain continuity of the operation of their business. Indeed, unless they take adequate steps to address potential loss of use of key IT facilities, they may be at serious risk of business failure when struck by a disaster or cyber attack which either disrupts operation of key hardware or software systems for more than a very short time or causes important data to be lost or damaged. To reduce the
risk that their business might be unable to maintain continuity in the event of such a disaster, organisations should establish fall back arrangements to enable quick recovery from the disaster. We work closely with you to plan for any such disaster and can provide you with the most effective options for recovery, this can be created alongside the Business Continuity Plan or as a standalone IT Disaster Recovery Plan.
Cyber Risk Analysis

Cyber Risk Analysis

Information technology brings many benefits to a business, but it also brings risks. Knowing how to assess and manage those cyber risks is essential for success, as well as a powerful guard against many of the threats that your business faces, whether you are a fully established organisation or a new startup. Unfortunately no two businesses are
the same, so it is important to work with each business individually to get to know the risks inside and out and once we know what types of threats you may face, we can create a full threat resilience plan to ensure that even if your business does undergo any cyber attacks, you can be confident that you have the best security available.
Data Protection Consultancy

Data Protection Consultancy

If your business collects any form of information from customers it will most likely be, in some way or another, subject to the provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998. In addition to data concerning customers, all businesses (with the exception of sole traders) will hold information about employees. Ensuring you have the correct policies in place and strong IT systems to keep this data secure is more important in today's world than ever before. Failure to ensure that the correct policies and security is in place is not
only against the law, but it could end up costing you your business and possibly more. If you lose business data or even worse, have the data stolen, you could be fined or receive a judicial sentence, which has in turn bankrupted businesses in the past because they could not show that they had put the correct procedures and security precuations in place. We can work with you regardless of the size of your business to ensure that you meet all legislative requirements, as well as protecting your data with the best security available.

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